Dr Peter Green - Consultant Forensic Physician

Forensic Medicine

I have been actively involved in Forensic Medicine since 1975 when I was a lecturer in Forensic Medicine at The London Hospital Medical College. I have conducted over 60,000 medico-legal examinations in the course of my career.

Clinical Forensic Medicine

Clinical Forensic Medicine has been my principal interest since 1981. I am retained by the Metropolitan Police as a Forensic Medical Examiner in South West London, working mostly in Brixton in South West London.

Child Safeguarding and Child Protection

I also currrently hold the post of Locum Designated Doctor and Consultant in Child Safeguarding for NHS Wandsworth and St Georges Hospital, where I have a lead role in child safeguarding and child protection.

Areas of expertise

I have an extensive experience of care of detainees; detainee fitness for detention, interview, charge and transfer; physical and sexual assault, on both adults and children; drunkenness; drug misuse; mental health problems in custody; drunk driving and driving under the influence of drugs; recovery from alcohol intoxication; injury recording and interpretation; accident interpretation; assessment of sudden and suspicious death.

Court experience

I have given evidence on behalf of the Crown and for over 30 years, and on behalf of defence lawyers for over 20 years. I have advised on Appeal Court and High Court proceedings (Family Division). I have received Single Joint Expert training.


I have lectured to Police Officers, Social Workers, Crown Prosecutors, fellow doctors, and others on various aspects of Clinical Forensic Medicine, and take an active role in training Forensic Medical Examiners.

Papers and publications

I sat in the Inter-departmental Medical Working Group on Substance Misuse. This work produced Guidelines for Clinical Management on substance misuse. I have read papers at professional conferences on a variety of issues in my speciality including injuries, sexual assault, and suicide and contributed to The Law Society reference book, Active Defence. I have co-authoured work on the healthcare of detainees.

Committee work

I am a member of the Wandsworth Safeguarding Children Board and Executive. I am a past member of the Board of the Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians. I have sat as the Sexual Offence Examiner's representative on the Pan London Amethyst Board, the body that is working to coordinate the forensic assessment of child sexual abuse cases in London. I have also sat on the Metropolitan Police Commissioner's Advisory Panel.  I am a past Chairman of the Metropolitan and City Group of the Association of Police Surgeons, a past council member of the Section of Clinical Forensic of the Royal Society of Medicine, and a past Council Member of the British Academy of Forensic Sciences.

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